Here are a selection of early reviews of Reminiscing with Legends...

Sports writer Graham Spiers: “I’ve scarcely read a football book so crammed with interview, anecdote and testimony as this. What an absolute treasure trove for Hearts fans.”

Hearts fan Andy Groundwater on Twitter: “Thoroughly enjoyed reading Reminiscing With Legends. Aside from the cup win, it was great to get an insight into the club from the mid-90s, and brought a load of memories flooding back.”

Hearts fan Gordon Watson on Goodreads: "What an excellent read. Compiled from a collection of interviews with all those involved in Hearts' historic 1998 Scottish Cup win, this book flows from chapter to chapter without ever getting dull or repetitive, which, considering most of those interviewed were retelling the same tale is remarkable. The final chapter remembers the late Stefano Salvatori and is wonderfully put together. very moving tribute to a much missed man. A must for all fans of the famous Heart of Midlothian FC."

Hearts fan Scott Snedden on Twitter:One of the best Hearts books I have ever read. I love hearing the stories from the players and what was going on behind the scenes.”

Hearts fan Graeme on Twitter: "Got Reminiscing with Legends for Xmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some things I never knew as well. Well done, would highly recommend to any Jambo."

Hearts supporter Nick Murby on Twitter: "A really enjoyable read, got a lot of details of behind the scenes, training etc. The Salvatori chapter was so emotional."

Hearts fan Jamie McKenzie on Twitter: "Been saving the last chapter for a quiet half hour and a dram. Well done Anthony Brown. Fantastic book full of memories, goosebumps and lumps in the throat."

Journalist Graham Bean in The Scotsman’s best books of 2020 compilation: “Anthony Brown captures superbly the emotion of a magical weekend when Hearts finally rid themselves of the nearly men tag. Brown speaks to all the main players for the definitive record of a great day in the club’s history. Hugely enjoyable.”

Writer and Hearts fan Richard Cobb on Twitter:Tremendous read so far. Haven’t been this engrossed in a book that wasn’t my own in years.”

Tartan Jambo on Twitter: "I'm halfway through reading this just now and it's absolutely brilliant. Go and get yourself it Jambos. Fantastic book."

Hearts fan Alan Hogg on Twitter: “It’s absolutely amazing. What a book. Unbelievable. Thank you so much for writing it.”

Hearts legend Stephane Adam: “Received this morning and I already enjoyed nearly half of it! It’s a great read!!”

Hearts fans Brypie04 on Twitter:Just finished reading this and can only say it's brilliant! Excellent reminiscing with the players and managers who finally led @JamTarts to glory that day. Doesn't fall into the trap of boring game-by-game analysis, but instead contains great anecdotes from the players.”

Hearts fan Gary Law on Twitter:Having watched Hearts since the 60s enduring loads of disappointments along the way, the 98 final will always be my greatest memory. Many thanks for bringing this back to life along with the back stories. A fabulous read and tribute to Stefano.”

Hearts fan Kenny Jackson on Facebook:It’s brilliant. Got my copy yesterday and can’t put it down. Brings back amazing memories and it’s crammed full of great stories.”

Football writer Alan Pattullo in the Scotland on Sunday: “Brown’s skill has been to make it seem as if this cherished side, this band of brothers, have put their boots on again.”

Scott McIntosh of the Hearts-dedicated website Amoruso Lets It Run: “This book provides a great insight into how we were able to assemble our cup-winning squad.”

Hearts fan Darren Caldwell on Twitter:Just finished this - an absolute joy from start to finish and a proper nostalgia trip. Lovely tribute to Stefano Salvatori too.”

Hearts supporter Keith Carlyon on Facebook: “I genuinely can’t put it down, so many memories of that wonderful day have come flooding back.”

Hearts’ Scottish Cup-winning assistant manager Billy Brown: “I don’t know where Anthony got all the information from, but it’s spot on.”

Hearts supporter George Hutchison on Facebook: “It’s the best I’ve read in years.”

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